Statement: Customers today expect seamless reliable WiFi connectivity.

Question: Why would you want the expense of installing a quality WiFi solution for your customers to use?

Answer: So you can grow your business by attracting, understanding and engaging with your customers!

Big Splash solutions install enterprise class WiFi networks to provide exactly the coverage you need, inside and out. We can integrate this WiFi service with our custom built Captive Portal solution. This will enable you to request basic data from your customers (e-mail addresses, name, age etc.) in return for using your premium WiFi service. You can then harvest this information for use in e-marketing to help you grow your business.

Why deploy a Professional WiFi solution?

A simple domestic wireless solution (like the one your service provider gives you) cannot deliver a quality service in a large multi room venue with a high footfall. A good comparison would be expecting a portable music player, placed in the corner of the venue, to provide a consistent level of quality audio to the entire venue. The challenges are similar. As the density of people in the venue grows, the sound (or Radio Frequency (RF) characteristics in the case of WiFi) change. Absorption, noise, reflection, attenuation, interference continually change and impact the way sound or radio waves are propagated. In addition to that, WiFi is a shared medium – this means that as the number of simultaneous users increases, each user gets a smaller share of the available bandwidth.

A professionally installed WiFi system will take into account the construction of your venue, the required throughput, the type of user, the estimated number of users and where you most need the coverage. We then plan and install the right number of Wireless Access Points to meet your needs. Unlike most simple WiFi extenders and domestic WiFi solutions, our Wireless Access Points work together to actively manage power settings, channel selection, rogue detection/containment and client roaming.

Big Splash will work with you to understand exactly what level of coverage you want for your business. We will then survey your venue using specialist tools to understand the RF (Radio Frequency) environment and use this to design a best fit solution using the latest technology. We will work out the best positions for Wireless Access Points, Network Switches and Cabling to maximise performance and minimise disruption.

Once installed, Big Splash continually monitor the system to ensure it is all working correctly and take corrective action if necessary. We can provide you with detailed usage statistics to help you understand your customers. For example, the charts below show how customers are using your WiFi, how long they stay for, how often they return:

Wireless Engagement Indices

These charts show how people use your wireless

….and you can understand what your customers are doing online to help you connect with them in the right way:

WiFi Usage Data

This screenshot shows what customers are using the WiFi for.

Big Splash offer you an ongoing service that ensures you have the best WiFi system for your venue, that is looked after by experts to ensure it is there when it is needed!