freewifiIn todays competitive environment, INFORMATION is KING! Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture e-mail addresses and basic demographic data about your customers to help you tune your advertising and marketing campaigns?

As part of our integrated WiFi HotSpot solution your customers are required to enter basic information to gain access to your premium wireless service. This data is stored, cleansed and provided back to you on a weekly, monthly or other basis as required. We can then help you manage this data for mail shots or other e-marketing services.

Clients using this solution are capturing 2-300 NEW e-mail addresses each month (depending on the size of the venue). Not only are they capturing e-mail addresses, but they are capturing important demographic information such as age, gender, birthday, specific interests or location. This additional information allows you to target your marketing and make it relevant to you customers. For example:

  • Send birthday offers the month before their birthday
  • Gender specific offers such as ladies only nights
  • Food offers for regular diners

We can custom design the data capture form to meet your needs and help you build a solid useable and reliable dates of customers that use your venue. We want to make this work for you, so we’re not offering you an off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solution, we’re offering a solution that works for you.