businesswifiThe trouble with Wireless Networks is sometimes you can get onto them and other times you can’t. Sometimes, even when you appear to be connected, performance can be patchy and unreliable. Sometimes, one minute you’ve got a rock solid connection, then next minute you are connectionless!┬áCustomers today expect seamless reliable WiFi connectivity. A simple domestic wireless solution cannot deliver this quality of service in a large multi room venue with a high footfall.

A good comparison would be expecting a portable music player, placed in the corner of the venue, to provide a consistent level of quality audio to the entire venue. The challenges are similar. As the density of people in the venue grows, the sound (or WiFi) change. Absorption, noise, reflection, attenuation, interference continually change and impact the way sound or radio waves are propagated. In addition to that, WiFi is a shared medium – this means that as the number of simultaneous users increases, each user gets a smaller share of the available bandwidth.

Interesting facts about wireless….

  • Devices such as Microwave Ovens can have a serious impact on wireless performance
  • Double or Tripple glazed windows block more of a wireless signal than your average brick wall
  • The wireless environment is constantly changing! An empty shop, bar or restaurant may be fine, but fill it with people and all of a sudden the wireless starts struggle. In fact, in certain situations the weather can affect how well a wireless signal travels!
  • Power isn’t everything! If you’re access point or wireless router is configured to be more powerful than the wireless client device (laptop, phone, tablet) is capable, you will see a wireless signal on your client device but not connect to it properly.

Because wireless is invisible, you can’t see any of this happening, that’s why a proper survey of the area in which you want coverage, coupled with the right equipment deployed in the right way, can largely mitigate these issues and provide you with reliable wireless coverage.

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